My First Time at the Swingers Club…

I went to the local Swingers Club with the husband and it was fun. It was a relatively quiet night so we were able to observe and meet new “friends”. All of which were super engaging.

To set the scene I was in a sheer bodysuit and leather skirt, thigh highs and heels. Oh did I mention the emerald green plug? After a drink, we decided to go up to the play area to fuck as they have areas where you can see or be seen

We picked a mattress in the main area and immediately went into the 69 position. As I sucked his cock, he opened open up my bodysuits hiked up my skirt and he licked and fingered my pussy.

Once I knew he was ready, I asked if we wanted to fuck my pussy or ass and my husband chose ass. I appreciate that about him and it wasn’t like he hadn’t had pussy that morning. Out came my plug and in came the cock.

We stared to fuck fully clothed for awhile. He repeatedly held on to my skirt, pulling me in a rhythm to fuck me hard.

Then I realized we had an audience and I immediately asked for my clothes to be removed so they could see me being fucked in the ass in nothing more than stockings. He obliged and repeatedly pounded my ass.

After awhile we grabbed one of the condoms off the mattress and he fucked my pussy as couples “discretely” watched. Once we were done I felt everyone should understand we just fucked so I went the rest of the party in heels, thigh highs, plug and pearl thong.

I think I am going to enjoy this “lifestyle”.

= The Girl

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