Like A Moth to the Flame…

Yesterday was a relatively normal day for The Girl, I had carpool duty for the dance team and my oldest’s dance performance to see. In between drop off and performance, I joined the husband for margaritas and enchiladas at my favorite East Side eatery. And after dance, we were off for more cocktails.

I had a feeling it would be a great night as I flirted with my favorite manager (former server) as she always has a certain charm. Over our last cocktail, the husband asked, “If I would enjoy a good spankng tonight?” I think I was a little over=enthusiastic in my reply and counter offer of the violet wand.

But once we got home, I noticed the recent order from Etsy of beeswax candles that replaced our soy candles. The husband eagerly agreed to the substitution and readied the scene as I slipped into a silk negligee with lace flowers that strategically covered my exposed bust area,

I was cuffed at the wrist and ankles, blidfolded and quietly attached to my spreader bar. I thought it was just resting between my calves but realized midway through our play that it was attached to my ankle cuffs.

While on my stomach, I felt my negligee raised over my bare ass and the first whack strike my bottom, Harder and harder came the whacks from the paddle and then I felt the first hot drip of wax. Each drip feeling like a prick of tattoo needle where my imaginary tramp stamp would be,

I enjoyed the heat from the beeswax which was warmer than the soy candle, It was such a pleasurable contrast to the sharp sting of the whack against my thighs and ass. As my bottom responded, my husband remarked on beautiful little asshole and that just made me yearn to fuck him more.

It was then I realized that the spreader bar was attached to my cuffs as I opened my legs wider to receive his fingers in my wet pussy and he finger fucked me until even more readiness. Then he rode me as I matched his cock stroke for stroke.

We were like that for what seemed like a pleasurable eternity and then he flipped me over to propely finish me off…

-The Girl

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