Just Me, Myself and I…

On those rare occasions that I find myself alone in my suburban abode with my children at their various activities and my husband shepherding them from one location to another, I do what most people do. I reach for a device to pass the the time.

But I am not content with a smart phone or tablet, I prefer mine to be my favorite rechargeable vibrators as my device du jour. Friday night for The Girl’s was no exception to this rule.

That night I arrived home to a super quiet home and quickly grabbed my Sona Cruise and just removed my pants and thong. I left my silky top from earlier that day and my bra on as I wanted to feel the slight pressure against my large breasts as the cups tugged against my piercings as my tits heaved in anticipated multiple orgasms.

I came almost immediately and was grateful for the towel as I can be quite messy when my clit is stimulated. As I continued to apply the toy directly to my clit, my orgasms became more intense with my toes gripping the bed and my hips rising to ride out the contractions. They were so strong I could feel my pussy convulsing on the imaginary cock I wish was filling me.

Over and over the orgasms pulsed through me as I forgot every care and worry of that day and just felt the bed against my toes, the rhythm of my response and the rabbit hole of pleasure one can find in themself if they allow themselves to just let go…

=The Girl

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