Time For a Quickie???

So I will never underestimate the value of a quickie ever again! Yesterday, the husband and I planned to get one in prior to my long drive for a weekend away with my daughter. We had it all sorta planned and then I saw my downfall on my drive home, the elementary school carnival.

As I rushed to pack my suitcase and pick the right shade of pink top to go with my luxletic leggings, finally settling on white in the interest of time for other pursuits, my husband informed me that the boy wanted to go to the school carnival and did we really want to relive last year when he didn’t get to go? This was almost as bad as Sophie’s Choice, satisfying my wet pussy for a few minutes or completely scarring my youngest child’s final elementary school memories. So I said “fuck it” figuratively versus literally.

But as I drove my daughter and her teenage boy crazy friends in my rented vehicle with a third row and captain chairs, my mind kept going back to my missed opportunity. So much that I misheard one say “I only liked him for his dick” when she really said “I only liked him for a day.” I need to repeat these girls are 12 and 13 and really sweet.

During the three hour drive, my mind went back to pre-marriage encounters of sex on a bench seat of a truck and oral in the back seat of car where the guy so expertly ate my pussy that I just had my hand digging into his head, leg shaking as my foot rested on the front seat and my clit was red and swollen and so throbbingly content.

And so, I am now rethinking the missed opportunity and my small car choice and all the time I have wasted at the hour prior to my son’s hockey games. So who knows my next car just might be a Chevy Tahoe just because I missed out on a quickie…

-The Girl

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