It’s A Marathon Not A Race…

So I finally arrived home on a very stormy night from my weekend away with the daughter and her friends and all I wanted was a drink, bubble bath and cock in my ass. Not necessarily in any particular order. But I settled for a luxurious bubble bath with my favorite Lush bubble bar sans alcholic beverage and noticed that my husband was patiently waiting for me on our bed.

His greeting when I got out of the tub all fresh and warm and wet in the right places caught me a little off guard. “We have to make this quick as I have to return the rental car by midnight, it was due by 8.” THAT was not what I was expecting based upon our exchange throughout the day via text and so I did what every wife does and told him to teturn the car and promised to wait up. I think I made it until 11:47 and then this girl was fast asleep in her naughty dream land.

Well, I was not going to let another evening go to waste so the following night after working more hours than I care to admit, I made sure I took my bath early and let him know to be ready. And boy was I ready!

Our foreplay was simple, a ruler and paddle to my ass and thighs, Whack after whack with massages occasionally to probe that area and prepare me for the next smack,

Then we went to the good old fashioned, let’s make out and dry hump. That may have been stealing one from the playbook of my young wards from this weekend, but totally worth the effort and only served to get me wetter and him harder.

So then the fun began and I started to ride him cowgirl with my cotton, pastel, lace trimmed floral negligee pulled down to expose my tits so he could see them bounce as I rode him, Me enjoying his balls hit my ass as I grinded onto his cock. Eventually, it was too warm to keep my clothes on and I shed my negligee as I continued to ride him.

Eventually he rolled me on my back and we just fucked into a sweaty mess with my feet next to his ears and my pussy meeting his cock stroke for stroke at a very quick rhythm.

Finishng 26 minutes later with my knees in his armpits and us completely spent from exertion…

=The Girl

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