Just Plug In And Go…

So last night was a plug and play night. No, not my imaginary Tesla but my ass. It was an impromptu fucking after a shit day at work, a few beers and a loss in Game 1 of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs for my favorite team. Really, the only thing good about my day was my haircut and dress choice.

But the remedy to a bad day is always a great roll in the hay. So as I listened to the husband chat some more about the day, I just looked at him and said plainly “do you want to fuck or what?” Evidently, that is all the convincing he needed and then I coyly suggested that he plug my ass and he could pick from the two drawers of plugs in the rolling tool chest. (Yes my sex toys are housed in a nine drawer rolling tool chest.)

My ass easily received my stainless steel, heart shaped princess plug. As I stripped off my negligee and began to grind my back against his chest, he roughly played with my tits as I leaned my head back and opened my mouth to receive his tongue.

And we kissed and grinded like that for a bit until I was pushed forward to be rode from behind. Now doggy style is my favorite position as I love to feel my large tits swinging uncontrollably as I get struck by a cock from behind. It’s doubly nice with the plug filling my ass as my pussy feels so tight around his cock.

After awhile we switched to missionary with a shallow but quick rhythm followed by a hard and deep fucking that went on and on and on until my husband came so hard in my welcoming cunt…

=The Girl

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