Vanilla…It’s the Finest of the Flavors?

I am one of those people that could be described as a stress fucker. The more stressed I am, the more I need to fuck. I know some people that are the compete opposite and sex is the furthest thing from their mind, but not this Girl. I crave cock and the smacks a little harder, the stressier I am.

Last Friday night, it was a relatively normal day. Me dealing with the crap system at work and the lack of policies and procedures forseeing the wheels on the bus going round and round on my back, Me later enjoying a glass of wine with the husband and willing my hockey team to win in the playoffs to no avail. So come bedtime, I was ready to go.

I wish I could say it was some kinky sex, that really got me off but no it was plain old impromptu vanilla. Nothing elaborate, but regular cock in pussy, It was all that was need to push me off to sleep.

But evidently, work hadn’t had its last say with me yet and I had a drean about professional golfers playing minature golf on my patio with a wiffle ball and really getting upset with their results. I am just saying Tiger looked much happier winning the Masters on Sunday than his triple bogey in my dream on Friday night,

As I woke though, I did have a tiny laugh as I still have cum dripping out me three hours later and I realized that stressy me will have another opportunity to be filled again…

=The Girl

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