It Was A Buzzing Good Time…

After the recent tattoo, I had nothing on my mind other than the Violet Wand. I wanted to feel the heat and the electricity unexpectedly on my body.

I was enjoying it so much on my back, outlining my tattoo, ass and thighs that I flopped over. My husband carefully outlined my large breasts, avoiding my nipple piercings. He did the same motions on my stomach avoiding my navel piercing.

I lifted my hips to him and he started to make the same circular motions with the wand on my hips and bare pussy, outlining the scar of my rejected Christina piercing just above my clit. Me grateful at the moment for the absent piercing.

He stopped the heat and the mesmerizing sound and he found my pussy wet and waiting for his fingers. And, I enjoyed riding those fingers rhythmically as I asked him where he wanted to fuck me. I craved ass but alas settled for dildo pounding my ass.

Later as he started to fuck my pussy, I asked for my ass to be filled with a stainless steel plug. The husband willingly agreed as he evidently enjoys the tightness on his cock as well. My ass seemlessly accepted that medium plug, me secretly questioning if we should have gone for the larger one.

As he rode me, the full feeling in my ass and pussy did nothing to diminish my constant yearning for both holes to be filled concurrently and I think he notices my requests for the MMF threesome are becoming more and more frequent…

-The Girl

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