Just Ride And Go…

So as discussed, I am a stress fucker. The more stressed, the more I need and initiate sex. The harder I crave the spanks and the faster I need the thrusts. Last night was no exception.

After thinking about sex all day to the point I regretted not wearing panties, I did take a whirl with my vibrator after another horrid day at work, the mundane meeting at the middle school, hockey and dance practice pickups, I was still craving cock.

So when the husband came to bed and I was wearing a t-shirt that clearly didn’t match my skimpy black thong with red flowers on the crotch, I was ready for business.

I quickly pounced on his cock and lubricated it with my warm, wet mouth. Rolling my tongue and sucking on his shaft until I was ready to mount him. In a flash, my clothes were off and his dick was right where it needed to be, my wanty cunt.

As I rode his cock, my tits bounced uncontrollably just how we both like them. I would play with my hair on top of my head and grind my clit on his shaft as I enjoyed his balls strike my ass.

Finally, we switched to doggy, my favorite position, and I came immediately from the super quick pounding my pussy was receiving from behind.

And then he kept going and I came again, and all my troubles vanished for the night….

-The Girl

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