And Then She Walked In…

Last night as I was sort of minding my own business at a sex positive event downtown, I overheard the poly couple behind me chatting with their friend as my husband was getting me a refill of my cocktail. For the record, the drink du jour was bourbon, ginger ale and lime.

I do not know what made me enter their conversation, likely the fact that I had simply finished my post to the blog quicker than anticipated or there was noone to kik with, but I did.

I let them know that I had recently read for my kinky bookclub (yes the real name) a book on power circuits within polyamorous relationships. But as a self-identified heteroflexible swinger and member of the BDSM community, I found it disheartening that swingers were looked so down upon by the poly community or at least by this author as non-progressive and very sexually conservative as I do not view myself as either. Well the show started and so did my second cocktail.

At intermission, I did not have much time to chat with the nice poly couple as a disagreement over seats ensued and I was well into my third bourbon. But as the next speaker came on and dispelled the “dirty nurse” fantasy I casually leaned back to her in a joking manner as the speaker posted photos of nurse porn and said “I’d fuck everyone of those nurses.” Her reply, “I am an OR recovery nurse.”

To which I told her about how I told the nurse when I went into surgery about how hot I thought my OB/GYN is and she told me it happens more than you’ll ever know. It’s actually a perk of the job. (Truth, I still think, he’s hot and really enjoy the pleasure of my annual exam.)

So afterwards, we struck up a conversation about local events and became “fet” friends as girls like us don’t use Facebook. I will say she was striking and articulate. She told me about a local event this weekend where I can express two of my favorite kinks; exhibitionism and my fox tail.

I checked her out on Fet and my goodness she is even lovelier than ever imagined and her tits well if I think mine are nice, they have been put to shame. So all I can say is I hope I see her on Sunday and she likes what little I am wearing and I have the courage to say more than hi….

-The Girl


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