Spank Me…Please!

So last night my husband thought I had no interest in sex and had no intention of initiating it. I had one watery eye that I had attractively rubbed all the make-up off, a scratchy throat from post nasal drip and a stuffed up nose. All of this was from sitting out by the pool, enjoying a few cocktails in our allergen filled, sunny oasis of a backyard.

We openly discussed the fact that I have to initiate sex 95% of the time does not convey his level of desire towards me (in my mind) as girls of my generation were raised that men always have sex on the brain and would fuck anything that moves given the chance or even a pole and I am not even a worth the effort of a pole.

We chatted as I drank, me sitting on the adirondack chair positioned on the pool shelf under the umbrella while he enjoyed the hot tub. We talked about misunderstandings and miscommunications and how they can be hurtful and lead to resentments.

But I play a role in this too as our sex life once resembled a desert. I rationalized it as we were busy with young children, busy careers, migraines, just plain tired, etc.

But realistically, we liked different types of sex and the few times the topic was broached and I heard “you just like it rougher than me” and “I don’t like talking dirty to my wife, why do you need it” and it was taken as a complete rebuke. After that, my legs were only open to my vibrators that always were guaranteed to get me off on my terms.

So when we were in bed last night, me in my tight cami and and lacy thong I asked so did you hear me about this about this initiating thing? And his response was yes but I also heard about a sore throat, your super sexy post nasal drip, and general allergy malaise and thought it might be a dick move. And then I had a choice, my feelings of being desired or being fulfilled, So I uttered, “I want to be spanked, do you want to spank me?”

As he beat my pale ass red and lovingly stroked it in between paddle strikes, I thought about how as a child I cringed at being spanked but as an adult I crave it. He’d repeatedly beat my ass and then caressed it occassionally, with his hand under the lace of my thong,

Once we were done with my spanking, my panties were off and cami pulled down. I rubbed my back against his chest and he fervently kissed my shoulders and neck reassuring me of his desire and then I was on my back grinding my needy pussy onto his cock into mutual fulfillment….

-The Girl

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