Pardon Me, But I Want to Fuck…

I am a bottom and I love to fuck. I cannot express how much I love sex. So as I was unwinding from a mind-numbing day at the office with my favorite bourbon concoction, I decided to re-watch last night’s “Battle of Winterfell.”

As I sipped my drink leaning against my many throw pillows in my v-neck, sleeveless, a-line navy dress that I simply adore as it flatters my curves in all the right places, my husband took a seat beside me as he was suffering from a headache.

He tried his best to make conversation and to garner my verdict on last night’s episode and thoughts about the remaining three episodes in our GOT investment, a rare television show that we have watched start to finish with each other. Me slightly distracted by sexy Grey Worm, Jamie Lanister and Jon Snow.

Somewhere during the middle of the show or end of my drink, I was completely relaxed and my mind drifted to sex as I am basically a guy but with really great tits and an always wet pussy. I decided to mount him as he laid on his back. I kissed him deeply, my tongue in his mouth, pussy still fully clothed straddling his cock.

At one point, I pulled off my dress and he said “what if our son walks in” and I reminded him those chances were slim to none once he was on the Xbox. I continued to kiss him and grind on his cock in my bra and panties and our son quickly faded from his mind.

Next to come off was my bra exposing my 32g cup breasts to him and his mouth. His mouth hungrily claimed my nipples and his hands firmly kneaded my tits until I had to take off my panties.

From there, I inserted his cock into my pussy and rode him until he came muttering my name and praising God concurrently. I kept his cock in me as my pussy finished pulsating onto it.

As I removed myself, I couldn’t help but lick all the cum off his cock. And with that, his headache was gone….

-The Girl


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