Alpha Bottom?

So how does a highly successful, Alpha career woman reconcile herself as a bottom? The answer is quite simple, I plan most of our sexual romps and love to receive pain. I am completely satisfied and finally get what I want.

I remember the first time I was fucked leaned over a wooden desk and I was hooked. It was with a guy I was “dating” and over his roommate’s desk. We were careful not to mess it up but I loved the feel of the wood against my hip bones with him thrusting his cock into me from behind. It was simply the best orgasm I had since my high school boyfriend went down on me for the first time. I tried to replicate it many times over to no avail. But at that point, I knew I liked it with a twinge of pain and most boys weren’t that good.

Fast forward many years later and I remember the first time my husband spanked me as he fucked me doggy style. Now to say I was bemused was an understatement as I have the most mild mannered husband. But to say I responded casually would also be an understatement. Ever since that evening, I have been spanked in some capacity.

I deluded myself for a long time that I was submissive but realistically I follow no directions and do not want my orgasms denied. But I want to be bound, spanked, burned with a candle, bent over a table and feel the wood against my pelvis, and/or feel the electricity from the violet wand.

I am willing to surrender control in a scene that I plan to my partner so that I can feel pleasure as something smacks, warms, or pulses through me. Pure and simple, make no mistake I believe it’s better to receive than give.

I am also an exhibitionist. I am not ashamed of my body or the pleasure that it provides me. As a bottom, I am often the fully nude one when my husband and I fuck in public as he’s a voyeur. But, it’s often me who determines when, where and who can watch.

For instance, after I masturbated fully nude to a submissive who was sucking her dom’s cock at the local swingers club we retreated to a more private bed where we were next to a couple fucking. I was respectful to my husband’s wishes that we were not in plain sight but we could be if someone wanted to watch.

A couple came up and asked if they could pull back the curtain between us as they went about their business and of course I obliged them. My husband was fully dressed with pants opened and I was nude as he was fucking me.

They watched us, the man making eye contact with me as his female partner rode him. I was envious of her for some strange reason and then my husband retreated to put on his shoes leaving me on the bed, alone and naked. I watched him switch positions with her to ride her from behind as we made eye contact and as he pumped her with his cock, I fingered my pussy never breaking eye contact with him until he came.

So although I am Alpha in most things, I am quite content taking that bottom role due to my exhibitionist and masochistic tendencies. My attitude is as long as we are both satisfied, who cares about the labels? And I am very satisfied….

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