It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…

It started to rain just as I left work last night. I quickly drove over to meet a fellow dance mom for our semi-standing Friday night happy hour and was so pleased when my bartender nodded upon my arrival and greeted me promptly with my usual order of ice water and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

We laughed about our crappy work weeks, the normal dance mom dramas and the trials and tribulations of teenage love. Joking about how we are the moms that the girls actually get straight answers to when they ask “why would anyone buy backless undwear?” and I told her that my response was to suggest that the one girl who was standing bend over and then asked the seated girls “do you understand now?” And they just nodded yes and giggled.

Lightning struck and the bar lost power. Thunder was a constant reminder of the storm in the background as was the rain puddling more and more in the parking lot. The bartender graciously filled my glass with a caraffe filled to the tippy top as I was taught by my parents early on to take care of him very well and do so every visit.

Now is the time to probably admit that I was happy and that storms make me horny as fuck.

So I took my beautiful daughter home and was dancing to all things “Bust a Move” and then as my husband joined me, I let him know how storms turned me on. We moved on to Ice Cube but I stuck with wine and was feeling really fine as I continued to listen to the storm brewing outside my home.

As we went to bed, I told my husband we should be prepared in the event of a loss of power. (It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility as it had just happened at the bar after all and I listened at all those Girl Scout meetings.) He quickly took my hint that a candle should be gathered and where’s there is a candle there is wax.

Not only did he get the candle, but he also gathered my handcuffs and blindfold as well as a paddle to smack my inner thighs. But what was amazing was the drip of wax all over my breasts as he occasionally nuzzled my nipples with his soft mouth. It was a lovely contrast to the hot burning wax that immediately cooled upon contact.

After a fair bit of wax congealed on my tits and stomach so much that I looked like a modern bee hive painting, he started to play with my pussy with two fingers until he flung me perpendicular with the bed.

From there he entered me standing by the side of the bed, making sure to point the tip of his cock to the top of my vaginal walls. I had forgotten the thunder, lightning and rain by that point and was focused solely on the pleasure in my cunt. He came quickly but then again so did I.

After we finished and I took a photo of his wax handiwork, he said “I wished I had your phone to take video as you were so hot,” He does have a birthday coming up, someone may be getting a Go Pro….

-The Girl


      1. That’s very kind of you. I am doing well, just living a less blog worthy life at the moment. But I am content and focused on kids, work and my house which I love and put way too much money in. I hope you are well!


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