Just Add Sun and Water…

So for years I have wanted to go the local nude beach. We are talking YEARS! I realized that I would finally need to go by myself as none of my ftiends no matter how drunk I’d get them would ever agree to go.

I must admit why I love nude sun bathing. I do not care if anyone looks in my direction. But I love the feel of the sun on my skin and the breeze tickling me. That warmth, well it’s addicting. I often sunbathe topless by the pool but this was taking it to a whole other level.

So last night after seeing what a beautiful day it was, I decided I was going to the local beach. I no longer cared if I went alone but I was going.

I woke up relatively early for a Sunday as my son had hockey practice (not that I took him but the boys they make a lot of noise leaving our house) and set my plan into motion.

I went onto fetlife and asked the group I belonged to what a newbie should consider bringing as this isn’t a white sand beach but a rocky ledge that surrounds a lake. Within minutes, advice came pouring in and my resolve kept getting stronger.

I texted my husband that it was Cinco De Mayo and that he was invited and “of course he was allowed to wear clothes” as I knew the nude beach was not his scene and to please get me some grapefruit juice as I was making palomas in our swell bottles. Evidently there was no grapefruit juice, so we settled for coffee with tequila and steamed milk. This Type A girl was insistent that Cinco De Mayo requires tequila.

Then we were off with two chairs, a yoga mat, four beach towels, a tube top dress, two sun hats, a bottle of sun screen, two books, two smart phones, and four swell bottles. I will admit the yoga mat and two of the towels did not get used and the tube top dress lasted a mere four minutes before it was shed.

We found our place at Stairway #5 and I was in Heaven! I heard the water lapping against the rocks in regular intervals and had the sun kissing my naked body. Occasionally, I would be cooled off by a cloud that dared to go in front of the sun or a breeze that tickled my nipples.

I never made it into the water but to me, it was a little slice of what was right with the world in my own backyard and I cannot wait to go back….

-The Girl

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