It’s About To Get Dirty…

The Girl can really get behind a great party theme, hell you should have seen her children’s birthday parties back in the day before they were allowed input. So when she saw that the local Swingers club was having a “MILF and Cookies” night last Saturday, her dirty mind went into hyper-drive faster than the Millennium Falcon.

Saturday afternoon was a day of prep from ironing my cute orange and white gingham apron with floral embellishments as I was wearing that, thigh high stockings, a custom made open cup leather bra, open back, gusseted black lace panties, heels, a gold day collar complete with lock, and a black and white fox tail. No other clothing was required other than my smile.

My husband graciously baked chocolate chip cookies, mixed White Russians and gelled champagne Jello shots so that we could mix and mingle. We were ready for a night of fun!

We showed up and quickly began offering our treats to various patrons, it was such a sweet way to get to meet people. I quickly removed the bib of my apron so that my tits were fully visible in the open cup bra. I enjoyed sashaying around with my tray like every 1950’s housewife except topless and tailed. The Club was busy, the music was loud and I could tell it was going to be a great night.

I asked my husband if he wanted to go upstairs as I wanted to put on a little show for him with my Lelo Sona Cruise vibrator. The orgasms were so intense and in such rapid succession that I instantly went into a mind splitting migraine. Luckily, I come prepared for these orgasm inducing headaches and did not want my fun deterred. (Evidently orgasm headaches affect men more than women and so like my sex drive and views on sex being like a man’s I am also blessed with the cursed orgasm headache.)

After a brief break, we went back upstairs with my travel ankle and wrist cuffs and matching gag. I forgot to pack a blindfold but that was alright in the end, the gag and my focus on the foursome nearby actually heightened my senses in an amazing way.

I had brought our leather wrapped half meter stick and a paddle that went with the cuff set. I was on all fours and I do not know if it was the audience of the new club patron tour walking by us, the loud music from the dance floor or my husband’s adrenaline from all the couples fucking around us, but the whacks were harder than ever before. I couldn’t really say anything because of the pink ball perched between my lips but I quickly adapted to the pain. All I noticed was that on my left leg he always hit the same spot but my right received the whacks in varying places. The sting and rhythm were quite hypnotic.

After a while the spankings stopped and I was no longer concentrating on the softness of my tail against my back in comparison to the whacks and he started to finger me. I rode those fingers to near climax but I wanted cock. He kept fingering to the point I had to demand his cock. He adjusted my tail, unzipped his pants and then began to fuck me. Eventually turning me on my back to cum inside me and feel the plug through my vaginal walls against his hard cock.

After that, I removed my tail and ditched my apron and put on a little top that I love that is all lace and has cap sleeves and only covers the top portion of my breasts. It leaves my nipples and piercings exposed so I was completely in my element. As I sat and enjoyed part of my cookie and “milk”, a lovely woman 20 years younger than me told me I had the most amazing breasts she has ever seen which was high praise from her.

We mingled some more and met a fun couple that I had been offering my “goods” to throughout the evening. They were such an amazing couple and on our same page with regard to fun. The wife and I quickly began drinking White Russians and dancing to the music, we couldn’t tell you what song was playing only that we were starting to share a rhythm. Off went my top and then we began to kiss for who knows how many songs and her husband would occasionally reach into my panties to feel how wet I was.

We decided that we had put on enough of a show downstairs and quickly claimed the large bed upstairs for our play area. I quickly removed my panties and leaned her back on the bed to lick and suck her clit and finger her inner walls. I enjoyed watching her fuck her husband with her mouth and having my husband take me from behind. When she was done with my mouth, I made sure she got to taste herself as we made out some more before we switched roles and she ate me out, her husband played with my ass and I sucked my husband’s cock.

Eventually, I wanted to enjoy her pleasuring my husband with that sweet mouth of hers. As I sat there, her husband came to watch with me and we just enjoyed the scene until we decided to make out and he asked me to ride his face. And of course, I obliged….

   – The Girl

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