Hotel Fun?

i admit it, I love hotels. They have people who clean your rooms daily, make your bed and provide you fresh, clean towels. Some even have weekend happy hours and free omelet bars. I have simple wants and needs.

But what I really appreciate is that they generally have really nice showers that have amazing water pressure and plenty of room for two. They heat up fast and since they are large, my phone doesn’t get wet when I take shower pics or videos

There’s typically mirrors near the bed to take photos in all stages of undress or carnal activities.

The beds have crisp white sheets that again photograph well against my pale, tattooed skin with its large breasts and bare pussy. The pink of my lips and nipples, my brunette hair and black of my tattoos contrast beautifully with the stark white of the bed covers.

My mind is dirty and I can imagine all the fun that has been enjoyed by lovers before I stayed there as I apply my favorite vibrator to my clit and cum repeatedly. Their trysts feeding my self pleasure as I imagine my fantasies of anonymous sex fulfilled via them.

I think you are getting the gist of my hotel love, it’s the perfect playground for exhibitionists who love chronicling themselves via the naked selfie and playing with themselves or their husband.

But alas, I often do not travel alone. I generally get to share a room with two teenage children. And on the rare opportunity I do get a suite, they use my room as their communal space or it’s the dreaded entrance to the shared bathroom. So sex and my fun times are limited.

I often make the most of their pool time or visits to friends’ rooms during sports tournaments or sessions at dance conferences. I am quite adept at dressing promptly when I hear the room key hit the door sensor, hiding that vibrator or camera in one full sweep and avoiding that telltale flushed look of guilt.

Our family just returned from a recent vacation and I had to throw caution to the wind as Mommy needed sex by Day 5. My dirty mind was in overdrive and I had gone way too long without cock. Days 2 through 5 were already on full visual display on my fet page.

I rode my husband cowgirl style while he was fairly clothed and I had stripped down fully naked on the upstairs couch as our children slept downstairs in the doorless bedroom that we shared with them.

For once I was grateful that he managed to keep quiet as he came, and well I just had to figure out a way to explain the couch burn I got on my knee to my sweet, inquisitive children the next day…

– The Girl

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  1. That was exquisite. The dance between the sheets, clothes, vibratir and door key must be exhilarating, humorous and erotic all in an instant.



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