A Picture Is Worth A 1,000 Words…

So, I often will have my husband take photos of me as he spanks my ass or I am in the assumed position for spanking. I am often blindfolded and can hear the click of his I-phone.

I identify as an exhibitionist but I also score equally as a voyeur. I enjoy seeing his perception of me as his little fuck toy through these photos and love that quick rush I get when I receive them via I-message and get to cull through, edit and post them to fetlife.

What I get to see through his lens is my ass go from pale to red by means of his hand, a ruler, paddle or other tool.

I get to see the plug in my ass and the welcome that my pussy lips offers from behind. They are such a lovely shade of pale pink. They are small but inviting and sometimes have a sheen if he’s already cum.

I get to see my pussy meeting his cock. All of this I generally sense without benefit of sight but pictures allow me to compare the vision that my four other senses conjure up while I am living my wildest bottom life.

So as I continue to sit on that camcorder in my Amazon cart, I may have finally decided to press buy now….

– The Girl

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