Take The Reins And…Ride!

I love being blindfolded and ask for it often. It’s one of my many kinks that make me, well me.

Last night started with a relaxing facial (minds out of gutter, please) and drinks with friends. I believe I expressed more outward joy than I should have when my friend’s boyfriend remarked how he killed a fox on their property and saved the fur. This act was done in the name of saving their dog.

I exclaimed with unadulterated glee “You mean you have a real fox tail at your house?” Like could I have it?” Had I stopped there I would have been in the clear but no I then added “…as you don’t know how much I pay for quality fox tails.” The look of shock on my very good friend’s face and the grin on his told me that I said too much.

After we took our leave, I asked the husband if he wanted to break in the new paddle I treated myself to for my birthday. It was a purpleheart wood sweet spot paddle. It’s a beautiful eggplant color made from African hardwood that looks like an oversized hair brush. It’s beautifully crafted and I have been itching to put it use.

I quickly assumed my spanking position and my clasped wrists gave one of us the idea to cuff me and attach me to the spreader bar. Whilst fiddling with the cuffs, he came across my collar and leash much to my delight! I was plugged and then last but not least, I asked for my blindfold.

The blindfold took me to the place where I needed to be, my mind was immediately clear of the disappointing day at work and focused to receive pleasure. The first spank felt like a slap and the next more like a thud. Each strike on my pale ass feeling different and exhilarating, warming it as the redness spread across it, readying me to have his cock enter me.

And then I felt him enter me and I felt so tight on him with my plugged ass. I did what every thoroughbred is born to do at their moment the race gate opens, I instinctively rode that cock through my heightened senses of feeling and hearing. I knew my speed, motion and tightness was giving him immense pleasure through his returned response and moans.

At one point, I told him to grab my “reins” as he was behind me and the tug on my leash simulated the light choking sensation I get off on and I rode him faster and harder until I had his cum leaking out of me.

I was not finished as I had him grab my favorite vibrator, I pulled down my negligee to expose my tits and I rode that pulsating shaft for a very long time and for multiple orgasms as he remarked how amazing my swollen clit looked on the rabbit part of the vibe. What I appreciated throughout the 20 minutes of masturbating for him was that my pussy kept clenching that vibe like it was real cock and my hips were bucking with pleasure.

At that point, I told him that I always fantasized that we keep the blindfold on at the Swingers Club and he just passes me off to another man to ride me as I can ride cock for a long time. He just nodded in agreement (not necessarily acceptance.)

But, I really hope my friend’s boyfriend will give me that fox tail…

– The Girl

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