Got Pride?

So today I outed myself to my extended family and the general suburban public. I was already clear to my husband, teen daughter and the tumblr/fetlife communities that I was heteroflexible.

But I went a step forward and posted my custom made heteroflexible flag t-shirt on Instagram. Among the likes, my mother whose best friend is a lesbian.

For those that want to know, it’s a cute v- neck white tee with the heteroflexible flag, I designed it as I found nothing else on the market place to exhibit my participation within a community I love/support/adore/respect.

Why now you might ask?

Because what do I have to lose. I am sexually attracted to women, kissing their sweet lips and hopefully getting to use my strapon to our mutual enjoyment. Is there anything wrong with owning that? NO!

My husband has seen me make out in a gusseted panty, topless with a woman. Enjoying her bare pussy as I used my mouth on her clit and finger her and then get reciprocal treatment.

He’s seen my crush in the lingerie department at Nordstrom and understood how I would love to visit while she worked and to be fitted with bras, have her remark on my tattoos and comment that it was a shame she missed me in a bodysuit.

For a long time, I questioned my sexuality, my attraction to women, my love of girl on girl porn, etc.

But let’s face it, women know how to kiss, pussies are beautiful, soft and pink and we know how to please a clit more than anyone I know as we know exactly where it is at as we have been hitting that spot for years with our vibrators. And for many of us we were raised to be pleasers.

I identify as heteroflexible as I really don’t want to date women but I love to be with one for sexual pleasure. I do not require the FMF threesome to assure me or validate me of my sexuality, I’d actually prefer a MFM as I am about double penetration. (I am very ass centric if you haven’t guessed from other posts.)

I will wear my t-shirt in suburbia and continue to correct those who just assume I am straight, that I am a proud heteroflexible woman and yes I too enjoy eating pussy…

– The Girl

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