Some Like It Hot…

Yesterday was not a great day at the Girl’s house as I really should have taken a different approach with a very sensitive but sincere request that would be game changing to my marriage. But instead, to quote Miley Cyrus, “I went in like a wrecking ball.”

Through reassurance and calm discussion to tears and raised voices, my husband and I have not come to a full agreement to what “it” would like for both of us but we know we are committed to each other and our children.

But that I would (and he also could) like to openly and safely explore sex outside of our marriage without lying and hiding with him reassured that he is ultimately my primary partner.

He now understands better my motivation for and I his hesitancy for change, how I view the attraction to my partner by another as sexy as fuck because they also see what he has to offer versus a threat my role in his life and how again honest, ethical and rule abiding I am even when dealing with sex.

We also via our discussions focused on what we enjoy about sex with each other, frequency, style etc and what we would love to keep between us and not other people (even though it’s eventually shared here). Examples include the binding, blindfolding, paddling. All of which if you understand the role of the bottom require trust and a fair level of intimacy in play.

It wasn’t a conversation of each failing the other but how we do have dissimilar urges. I am definitely a kinkster and he’s more vanilla, there’s nothing wrong with either but there are more than subtle differences between each of us. It was a frank, honest and overdue conversation though to acknowledge those varying tastes and fantasies aren’t fulfilled necessarily by our natural sexual proclivities.

And so last evening after spending time talking, drinking and listening to music by our pool and then naked hot tub time, we did what we do best, meld our styles to become “us”.

I was bound at my feet to each other and blindfolded. My hands weren’t bound but I assumed the position as if I were. He started to drip my skin with burning wax and one of us (not sure which but that one should get the MVP award) thought of my favorite vibrator. And blindfolded, writhing from wax my hands knew instinctively what to do.

I rode that vibe for all it would give me, pulsating my hips, and moaning with absolute pleasure from the stimulation of the vibe in my pussy and clit to the feel of the hot wax covering my torso. I could hear photos taken (and later saw video…FUCK I am hot).

Then my husband found that crevice between your thighs and the wax and the vibrator literally made me grunt with pleasure. That sound and my non-stop orgasms were almost too much for him and he quickly replaced the vibrator with his cock and enjoyed my pulsing vessel that was primed and ready for him.

After he came, I was still contracting from those orgasms knowing that this is never replicated with just anyone and grateful for that…

– The Girl


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