The Day After….

So today I felt quite free after requesting my open marriage. It was like a weight had been lifted and I was able to be my honest self.

I sent my husband my draft principles for his review which again focused on our marriage as my primary and sole emotional relationship. I hope that they conveyed the respect, integrity and safety which I wanted to proceed with as our family is important to me and he will always be my primary sexual partner.

I also texted him that my bruises were starting to fade and maybe he could do something about that tonight.

We performed our normal duties tonight after work (e.g. dance lesson pickup, grocery shopping, etc) and as we watched a movie, I let him know I was not wearing panties or a bra through a quick flash from my tube top dress.

As he made food for tomorrow’s work lunches, I quickly put on my light blue velvet cage panties that contrasted well with my light pink pierced nipples. Once he saw me, he knew what I wanted and sucked on my nipples.

He quickly spanked me with my new firehose paddle and I enjoyed the soft thud on my ass. As it reached higher and higher to meet those whacks, I asked for my panties to be removed so I could fuck his hard cock.

I videoed my tits bouncing uncontrollably in doggie for his later pleasure, I continued to fuck him how I love fast and hard until he requested me on my back. Of course, I obliged.

From there, we continued to fuck with my legs against his chest and my fingers skillfully playing my clit until that telltale warmth went through my arms and body and my clenching pussy encircled his cock…

– The Girl

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