A Dirty Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste…

I often question how social media has changed our interactions with one another. Are we less guarded due to our anonymity that we forget social norms?

As an example, I received two private messages recently. One that simply stated “large cock that will rip your little slutty school girl apart” and another that complimented me on my blog, profile and photos and asked if there was any interest in continuing the conversation?

Now some may be thinking I would select Door #1 as my further chatting companion.

But as much as I enjoy the whole dressing in a Catholic school girl short pleated skirt uniform and bending over the teacher’s desk with no panties to get my punishment with a ruler for my mild and repeated transgressions fantasy (that was an understatement as I have it so often at work).

I feel most valued when men or women see that I am more than just big tits and an open ass. That I have a brain and that they read this blog or see something on fet that makes them say “she’s different and goodness me she even has amazing tits and loves anal too.”

I think the beauty of the anonymity for me is I can be so transparent and free with my kinks and desires as I am not feeling judged like I do in the real world. So I choose to use these platforms for that and honing my kinks and fetishes. It’s also a way to meet others who are in similar places as you that you’d never come across so that can learn and grow together.

I admit that I trip up in polite society and say something that people wouldn’t expect of someone who looks like me. I am very plain, I don’t say that disparaging but I have one visible tattoo most days, I have a stylish mom bob (out of necessity), I don’t wear a ton of makeup, and I dress nicely but am in ballet flats not heels.

You wouldn’t give me a passing look if you saw me on the streets. But then I laugh at a joke I shouldn’t or say something that I shouldn’t and my cover is blown. And then you might give me another glance.

But it’s nice to have the outside world where I have this mask so I don’t get into too much trouble most days…

– The Girl


  1. I can relate to what you’re writing here a lot! So often, I get messages that are kind of similar to “large cock that will rip your little slutty school girl apart” and it’s like… can we have… a conversation first? (also ps I’m gay-but that aside)

    Another thing I can relate to is the beauty of anonymity you write about. Since I started writing my blog posts about bdsm stuff, it’s felt really freeing because no one knows who is behind it but I can express myself. I’m glad you do it on your blog. I’m enjoying the things you write


    1. Thank you for visiting! I love the anonymity but also the feeling of ease when you find people similar to yourself who go through the day to day “struggles” in a vanilla world. It’s nice to be around people who also know what it’s like to have their guard up at work or around their friends who look at BDSM or the lifestyle as deviance.

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      1. Yes!! and I always kind of felt like I wasn’t really with my kind of people. Like I play tennis but I don’t really feel like I fit in but I feel like I’d feel very much at home around people that are also into bdsm!


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