Some Girls Are Kinkier Than Others…

So the other day as I was perusing my Fetlife page I saw it, the ad for the leather diaper cover with grommets to bind your hands to. It was mint and sexy as fuck, so I did what any lady would do.

I clicked the link and purred with pleasure.

Now I do not identify as a little, I am so far from an age player it isn’t funny (unless you count the squishies on my desk at work that I am taken with and my old coloring book from Weight Watchers). But there was just something about this diaper cover that made me stop, click and squeal,

I started to imagine being cuffed to them, spanked in them and better yet wearing them under the matching nurse’s uniform also sold in mint.

I fully own that I love my kinks. I am so happy that there’s a community out there that allows you to alphabetize them on your home page with pride so that you can find others that share your love of spanking, having innocent eyes and a risqué mouth or dressing like a school girl.

It’s empowering to talk to someone where you don’t have to apologize that you think it’s socially acceptable to wear a high quality fox tail affixed to your ass and that a man who finds wearing women’s underwear is far but freaky but well practically perfect for getting your freak on with,

I think owning our kinks is just a form of honesty, like we have taken the elephant out of the room and you don’t need to wait until the third date to find out if we are going to simply lie there or fuck you until you no longer have to go to church on Sunday as you have already paid your full respects to God.

So as I read the size chart on that nurse’s outfit and wonder if that diaper will make my ass look too big, I will praise the person who created Etsy (aka my BDSM store gone bad) and save up for that beautiful wood and leather spanking table which I also spied on Fet that I will pass off as a clothes holder in my bedroom. Just like that treadmill in the corner, but I suspect the spanking table will get used…

– The Girl

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