What Am I Looking For…

I have a very active sex life with my husband and via masturbation. Between last Saturday and Friday, I think I have had one night off from sexual activity, so why have I asked for an open marriage?

Well, I like a different type of sex than I can express to most people and I am constantly exploring my kinks.

Maybe we should go back a few years, like almost 9 to explain better.

I remember the night my husband asked in passing if I considered wearing a princess plug as I loved doggie style and he thought it would add to an already beautiful view,

My first reaction was “NO” as I remember the Sex and the City Episode where Charlotte proclaimed she wasn’t going to be the “up the butt” girl and I always identified with Miranda’s wit but Charlotte’s style.

But, then I went shopping on my favorite online sex toy store (which used to be my favorite local store in Berkeley) and I saw the pretty jewels and I was enamored. I bought a small, pink jeweled, stainless steel butt plug and surprised my husband on Christmas Eve, after he put together my daughter’s doll house together, in a red negligee, green and red beaded nipple clamps and my plug. (Yes, I had seasonal nipple clamps.)

To say I was hooked was an understatement. I slowly started buying plugs in different sizes, textures and earned platinum status at said sex toy store. (Now, I am member of a butt plug of the month club and look forward to that package with glee judging by the happy dance my ass does when the shipping notice comes to my email account.)

Plugging was just the start and me and my ass were becoming insatiable. I recall the the day I took an afternoon bath and inserted my Njoy Fun Wand in my ass, stroking it in and out and I came. From there, I started reading blogs such as Lelo’s Volente on anal sex for women and preparing my ass for cock.

I started buying VixSkin dildos, a local company, of progressive sizes and begging my husband to fuck my ass. I was “in training” to the point that the local upscale sex toy store was very impressed with my discipline as I got off so much on the ass fucking that I was patient enough to ride it out on dildos until my ass was ready for real cock. I didn’t want a bad experience to sour me, I wanted to enjoy having my ass fucked for time to come.

It took me a long time to convince my husband to put his cock in my ass and after all that preparation, I must admit it lived up to everything I thought it could be and then some judging by how much I grunt when he gives it to me.

It’s my actual preference and the way my husband and I first engaged in public sex at the local swingers club.

Why do I tell you this long drawn out story?

Well I have been accused on many occasion of being verbose and I believe in the long game. I simply hone my kinks over periods of time.

Some like the fox tails are like serendipity and just come to me but some I realized are so deep in me and so far from what I share with my husband that I need to explore separately.

I had my eyes on a harness for years that paired perfectly with the many dildos I bought over the years. YEARS. I read the Amazon reviews regularly, noticed it was the one recommended by VixSkin, and would stop at the local store and just pick up the box and put it back down on more than one occasion.

Finally last Christmas, I justified the purchase in that I had a gift card from my uncle and I would only wear it around the house. I took a picture wearing my favorite lace cap sleeve open cup bralette with it and my double ended “peacemaker” dildo and I was so turned on.

After that, I realized stroking my cock and my love of anal led me to a path I have wanted to explore using it on another woman, pegging and rimming. This is something my husband has told me he’s clearly not interested in. So this will be an area that I’ll look for someone who needs a girl like me.

And it all started with a princess plug nine years ago and yes I always need to find generic ways to thank my favorite uncle for those perfect gifts he has purchased over the years…

– The Girl

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