Now It Hits Me…

So I take for fun those BDSM tests and score 0% on age player every single time, like every single time. But then there’s my strange fascination with that mint leather diaper cover on Etsy and recent interest in a coffee and coloring event at the local mall.

Then it hit me and I started to think about age play and how it’s not just girls with stuffies in bows and lingerie sitting on daddy’s lap. It’s like anything on the BDSM spectrum, it’s not a stereotype but what we make it and how we own it for ourselves.

So let me introduce myself, I am woman in my late 40’s who holds an executive position and you will find her every day in bright, bold dresses with flowers, flamingos, elephants and octopi on them (and no I don’t mix all of that on the same day). On weekends, I wear one piece rompers.

I can be found at home or work playing with my squishies and yes I have Hello Kitty at work. To anyone who dares to judge the sweet cat at work, I just smile and remind them they are the best erasers on the planet and they smell nice too.

I am all things Alpha but my husband makes my breakfast and packs my lunches in my cute little animal or floral lunch pails that I have no shame bringing to work and placing amongst the functional, solid artic bags in the work refrigerator. I am capable of doing this for myself but defer to his care.

And then I think of some of the erotica that used to turn me on Tumblr and it was girls with their teddy bears or my personal favorite a girl in t-shirt that stated “craving daddy’s cock” which I reblogged the hell out of and was called out by one of my Tumblr best friends. So I would wait until I knew he was on vacation or sick and post the heck out of my “daddy porn” so I wouldn’t have to listen to the judgment.

As we all walk through our journeys, I believe we learn how fluid our kinks are and how they expand but really many have always been there for very long times as the best description of an age player I have read is people that gravitate to an age different than theirs or who are comforted with things that their peers may have outgrown but they are still attached/ attracted to. Sometimes we need someone to spark them like my tail fetish or just remind us via a trip to the mall.

Life is too short not to explore these fetishes and simply put them in a box because of narrow definitions.

So today I will just say maybe I have some daddy “issues” and I may need to find that barrette for playtime later…

– The Girl

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