Where Do I Go From Here…

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end Semisonic

Today I walked away from my Fetlife account like I previously walked away from my Tumblr accounts. Without fanfare, without a big announcement and without drama.

I just gave people the bread crumbs how to find me if interested but I am kinda done. My kinks are honed and I really don’t care to see a bunch a people (let’s be honest, men) like photos and make friends with people (let’s be more real, women).

I was never there for hookups or tumblr-lite. Silly me, I actually took down my guard and posted more natural photos of me than ever before. No not tits, ass and pussy as tumblr had that market cornered a long ago but out and about and untouched. Naked photos without makeup, lord the real me.

But what I realized every day was that nothing ever changed, my kinks were developing further and I was getting the same messages just no snap and kik requests.

Why I went to Fet was for real people in my local area and events and they just seemed like the same people on tumblr with a known zip code and open dick pics versus the unsolicited one in my DM.

The women though, they owned their shit. If you went on the honest sluts or open marriage forums, those girls had each other’s backs. Just like on tumblr.

But is that really enough to keep you on a site, the occasional interaction with a woman in a similar situation to you? I really don’t know. Or does it just make you realize how important support is for kinky women?

And events, well they are advertised on other sites I pay for and to be honest “you get what you pay for.” I know this because my paid porn subscription is way better than free online porn nine times out of ten.

So as of today, I will have a lot more time on my hands and less photos to hide in my phone’s hidden folder. Who am I kidding, I will still take the same amount of photos…

– The Girl

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