A Trip To My Ice Cream Parlor…

So I think my feelings on vanilla are well documented. I love it as an ice cream or cupcake flavor but not as my requested sexual preference.

Is it a base, yes but not the base I wanted to be stranded on in the ninth inning when I am hot and ready to slide into home.

I identify as a bottom, but the more I explore my fantasies I am more dominant in them. Not in that stereotypical corset and heels way but more as “The Woman” from Sherlock Holmes where she was beautiful and classy and who gives a “recreational scolding” to those she sees fit.

Simply, I want to take that initiative with a likeminded person, control the play and make sure both of our needs are met.

If you had asked me this a year ago, I would have scoffed at you and replied but “I am an Alpha Sub that unfortunately tops from the bottom.” But now, I see the segregation of play separately. Bottom to my husband and top to others.

This played out when my husband and I met a nice couple at our local swingers club last month. When she and I decided our show on the dance floor had gone on long enough, it was I that led the way upstairs without further prompting. It was I that continued making out with her and then removed her panties and I that playfully tapped her to the bed and started eating her out.

So I think I will be ready when my time to use my strapon on a man comes and in the meantime I will continue to sample ice cream flavors to encourage my hearty appetite…

– The Girl

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