Express Yourself…

So as I sit at my favorite bar enjoying a cocktail aka my bathtub, I reflect back to a discussion this weekend my husband and I had with regard to his reaction to a recent blog posting.

And to answer your question, yes he reads the blog or sometimes I do to him in a voice that attempts sultriness but probably fails and makes the people eavesdropping on us laugh discreetly into their drinks. He also used to follow the Tumblr blog; he was follower 545 and as I remind him often “just late to my party.”

But the post that caught his attention was the one where I expressed what I wanted and how my journey started with a princess plug. He told me that he was thinking it was going to be hard to read and even make him feel inadequate but by the end he was just relieved how honestly I addressed it and that I clearly know he’s not into pegging.

The post in the end reinforced to him that I am not looking to replace him and the sex we have. But just be able to exercise those kinks we don’t share.

I have the kinkier, aggressive side that enjoys constantly exploring. I identify as experimentalist. I also love women, their lips and their curves. I love certain types of sensuality and feel that lack of emotional history would allow me to be more playful and assertive.

I believe too that confident women are sexy as fuck and a woman desired by another boosts that level many times over. When I was posting daily on Tumblr, I noticed that I carried myself with more self assurance as I knew I was sexy. People saw me coming as I was always looking up with a sly, flirty smile.

Personally, I found it amazing to watch another woman suck my husband’s cock and didn’t take that as a threat but that he and she were both super hot at that moment.

I look forward to finding someone who can look past The Girl’s everyday appearance and recognize there’s a gleam in her eye that needs to be explored further.

And I promise, I don’t bite unless you ask me too…

– The Girl

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