It’s The Simple Things in Life…

Today was a beautiful day in my little corner of the world. I no longer focused on my wrist in its splint and chose instead to celebrate summer and what I could do versus the various verboten activities.

It was sunny this morning so I opted to head over to the local naked beach. Along the way I stopped at a roadside stand for peaches from a small Texas town, known for its annual crop.

I paid my entrance fee and noticed that the parking lot was unusually empty. I made my way down steps to my usual spot, only to find all my spots occupied,

I was not deterred as the lake’s wake was already hypnotizing me by its steady beat against the rocky shore along with the butterflies fluttering around the Texas Mountain Laurel that punctuates the shoreline with its green leaves and purple flowers amidst blue skies.

I found a new spot, quickly shed my clothes and enjoyed the sun on my skin, the music in my headphones and the wayward spray from the waves caused by power boats not adhering to the no wake zone.

It was so refreshing to be normal again and I do count a solitary woman listening to music at a naked beach as perfectly normal.

After awhile I decided to throw a wrap of mine on a rock and just listen to music in the full sun with my feet ever so grazing the water. I felt beautiful, fully natural in the sun, channeling my inner mermaid.

Today, I did not have a care in the world and I was just in tune with the waves and warmth of the sun. Nobody bothering me, just me in my happy place eating a delicious peach with its juice dripping on my bare breasts, pussy and thighs. Realizing that your life is what you make of it.

It finally felt like summer and I was content and seriously need to consider buying an annual park pass…

– The Girl


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