A Clean Well Lighted Place for…Sex Toys

So I have to admit it, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to toys. I like high end toys and am not embarrassed of it. Novelties simply don’t have the power or texture to get me off.

I have been going to sex toy stores for the majority of my adult life. I started at Good Vibrations in Berkeley as I found their selection good and always trusted their recommendations.

I seem to gravitate to women owned stores as they are generally more welcoming as far as lighting, display and cleanliness Is concerned and again they generally know what gets a lady off.

But the other day, I broke with tradition. I had an appointment with my tattoo artist and we had a slight miscommunication and had to reschedule for the following day.

I had noticed the toy store next to the tattoo parlor and threw caution to the wind and decided I am already down here I might as well venture in. (Plus I hadn’t cum in four days and I was needy as fuck.)

The store was the kind you always equate with a sex toy store. Kinda dark, filled with dvds and not a silicone vibrator in sight.

But again, I had wants so I picked up a set of anal beads as I always wanted to try them. And then I found it, a 7″ cock that you can spew cum from. I grabbed that box in no time flat.

As I went to pay the man behind the bullet proof glass, I asked him for a bottle of lube. He was very helpful with water and silicone based options.

Then I learned you don’t completely judge the store by its dingy shelves as the man gave me a gift with purchase and I had to smile that he knew how to treat a lady…

– The Girl

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