Pool Party, Swingers Style…

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
– Aqua

So yesterday was an amazing day in my lifestyle journey, I went to my first girls only event and got to smile demurely when it was at a former coworker’s house.

He was gracious and just asked how I knew about the party and I just smiled and said “the Internet” and off he went to let us girls party on a Thursday night.

It was a beautiful evening in Texas, girls enjoying drinks in the pool and the camaraderie of dropping their guard they maintain in their vanilla world.

The women were all professional, some were tattooed like me, some were pierced also like me and all were friendly and evidently fond of a nice pair of tits. We all ran bisexual to heteroflexible which is just how I love ladies.

It was fun to take off one’s bathing suit top and enjoy drinks with likeminded women to be joined later by likeminded men.

We all had different journeys that got us to that pool but all of us were bonded by a lifestyle we thoroughly enjoy and can thrive in no matter our age or size. (Lets be honest I describe myself as curvy and just plain built to fuck.)

After the party, my husband and I shared information about the nice people we met and how we hoped to see some of them again. Maybe try their Swingers Club as we now know some people there.

We continued our discussion in our hot tub, both nude knowing where the night would end.

But first I was greeted by his fingers and mouth in my pussy as I straddled the waterfall ledge and my hips would rise above the water to give him the access he needed. Me with my bare ass up to the full moon, greedily riding his mouth and fingers in the dark Texas night.

We took our private party into our bedroom and quickly had our headboard bucking against the wall like we were in a cheap hotel filming our first sex tape. It was an amazing fuck as it was just two people hungry for each other and not in need of others for a good time.

And then he gave me what I asked for, cum all over my belly. A true sign of a satisfied husband…

– The Girl

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