Swingers Parties…

The other day I was grateful and disheartened to read a post by one of the owners of our local Swingers club explaining why single men are not allowed in the club.

I was grateful as it was a beautiful explanation of what couples prepare for when entering the lifestyle and disheartened because so many single men were approaching her and her guests for entry.

The premise of her post was swinging isn’t necessarily easy even if we make it look that and so much fun.

As a couple, we made the decision to try a club and see if we enjoyed it.

We dressed for each other that first evening, me in a black leather mini skirt, thigh-high stockings, heels, black sheer bodysuit, pearls and blazer. Him collared shirt and slacks. Did we fuck at the club for others to see? Yes. Did we make more than small talk with others as I was wearing only thigh-highs and a black bracli pearl thong? No.

We have been many times since our first encounter and now we have played with others but it took time, trust and effort on our parts to get to that point as we have fought when one of us wanted to go further, quicker than the other.

Here’s a thing that people don’t get about swingers clubs, they are not an orgy every minute of the evening. Do I get turned on when I see from the corner of my eye a couple having sex whilst I drink downstairs? Yes. Do I get off when a couple is fucking right next to me or watching me? Hell yes! But those are kinks of mine and not shared by everyone. But some members are new or not on the same page and they wouldn’t be turned on by that.

Swingers are normal people. We are teachers, bankers, tech workers, accountants, etc. We have lives outside the club that shape our experience in the club and we feel safe with other likeminded couples who share a certain joie de vivre that we do. Our vanilla friends don’t get our choice but these people do.

I have been kik’d by several single men for sponsorship at tonight’s party. What they do not realize is that this is primarily a date for me and my husband. I have changed my opening dress selection many times and my choices of clothes after I strip down. We have thought about drink choices for the theme, down to festive glassware. He’s bought a special treat for me and I will put on a squirting good show for him with a toy picked out and charged ahead of time. (Please note the last time I tried this, I developed an orgasm migraine that had to be quelled before we played with each other and later an amazing couple.)

If another couple is into us and wants to get to know us better, that’s exciting and we are more than happy to partake if we both are interested. Otherwise, I am quite content fucking for their visual pleasure.

So is swinging easy, nope. But it’s SO worth it….

– The Girl

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