Luau, Anyone?

Tonight I’m livin’ in a fantasy
My own little nasty world
Tonight, don’t you wanna come with me
Do you think I’m a nasty girl?
Vanity 6

So this weekend in my own little corner of naughty was BBB weekend so the local clubs were capitalizing on the beach themes. Now that is a theme I could own!

We prepared for the luau by finding an amazing pineapple based cocktail in our tiki bar “cookbook”, trying out leis at the local party store much to the sales associate chagrin and getting out my drink umbrellas and my bar set from the local resort ware chain. Again, did I mention I can rock a theme?

My dress which was a halter, fit and flare had a matching lei (and I later learned my dress glowed in the dark) and I had a orange bikini for later that paired perfectly with my hibiscus based leis and hair clip. I was ready for fun in my 3″ wedges that never came off my feet.

We arrived and found a quiet table which we could talk at and capitalize on the amazing view of the porn playing across the dance floor. The couple next to us was a little older than us and she looked amazing as she would dance for her husband at their table. Her sundress slightly askew to show her amazing nipples. She later came out in a bra, garter and panty set that was even better and I paid her the courtesy of letting her know.

We finished our first cocktail and went upstairs for me to put on a show for my husband. I quickly asked him to remove my panties, black cheekini panties with lace trim and a slightly opened back.

From there I eased my breasts from the halter of my dress, put one leg on the cocktail table and applied my second favorite vibrator to my wanty clit.

Within seconds, I was cumming for him and any other guest to see. My arms gripping the back of my chair, those tell-tale moans and uttered “fucks” and “oh gods”. I came more times than I remembered and do owe the club an apology for the wetness on their chair from my squirting.

After I completed my little show, I asked him to plug my ass with an iridescent princess plug that paired perfectly with my leis. He handcuffed me to the railing of the upstairs balcony, me flat backed with my tits exposed to the patrons on the first floor and started to alternately fuck me with a dildo vibrator and spank me with my firehose paddle.

I was so lost in the orgasmic bliss that I did not realize the husband of the couple from downstairs told my husband that I deserved to be spanked harder.

From there, we went downstairs and enjoyed more drinks. I changed into my bikini and a beautiful, suede slightly fringed wrap, my leis and hair piece. I felt sexy.

I requested Vanity Six’s Nasty Girl to be played and put on a show on the dance floor. I could hear couples in the background hooting on my dance moves. Again I felt sexy and completely at home.

We waited to play again after the bikini contest which I generally would never enter at a vanilla bar but at a swingers club I feel empowered. I did not work the pole like other contestants but I did slowly strip off my bikini top to show off my attributes and perfectly tossed it on our table from 15 feet away (ok that was more luck than skill.)

After placing third in the contest and dancing some more, my husband and I retreated upstairs to a clean mattress and we fucked for a good long while, me using my clit vibe for our mutual pleasure and him feeling my pussy’s tightness from my plug. It was amazing to hear all the couples around us, fucking and spanking bare ass. It’s a continuous turn on to me.

The husband was kind enough to paddle me some more after sex with me laying spread eagle on the bed again with my heels on.

Once done, we dressed, picked up our bar set and left no trace of our presence that evening. Me humming “Oh What a Night”…

– The Girl

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