The Kindness of Strangers in an Alternate Universe…

Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day
– Ice Cube

So this weekend was like living in an episode of the Twilight Zone. It was just so many unexpected twists sprinkled with amazing people to offset the bad.

We went to a tournament for my son. We had no expectations of winning as this was a hodgepodge team put together with only two practices (and they were optional). When we got to tournament, the first team we played was Goliath to our David and we were missing the magic slingshot.

We lost, we took in on the chin and prepared for the next game that evening. Now I will admit to having way too many beers and no food after we drove close to 4 hours to the tournament and I spent an hour more in traffic after taking my daughter on a mother-daughter outing (which we had a ton of fun at!)

The next game well that was worst than the first and as the team scored and scored, I started to sing the lines to an Ice Cube song that was in my head and remind the boys to help out their goalie by “giving him back his stick.” I then had a mother come up to me and tell me she wanted me kicked out for being drunk and using foul language in front of 3 year olds.

I was not surprised by the drunk part but caught off guard by the language she said I was using to quote her, the “GD and F” words. I went to speak to her to explain I was not aware of using those words and she reminded me that I was a drunk. And she also told me that they were there to have fun and that’s all the game was about. I let her know that if it was fun for a nationally ranked team to beat up on a house team that obviously sucked, more power to her and their values. And as I said this, a dad reminded me “it’s all in fun, we and they’re just having fun.”

We left them to snickers about me. I asked my husband and daughter as well another parent if I used the words she said I did and everyone was clearly no. To me, the hardest part would be not being in control of what I said or not remembering it. (And I love the “F” word but “GD” is not in my usual repertoire).

The next day we took my son to get outfitted for new gear. The sales associate was so kind and patient and super helpful and restored my faith in those in our sport.

Then off to the next game and I got to hold my head up high as I walked by the “ladies.” As I sat with one of the parents on our team, I was told how much they enjoyed talking about me until I arrived. I said well “it will be a good day” and then I realized what the lady misheard over and over. And that made me smile as I decided against suggesting in front of her Mean Girl “friends” that she get her hearing checked and stop judging others.

Of course, we lost and we were as encouraging to our kids as we normally are. (The boys were actually having fun learning life lesson #135 about how winning isn’t everything if you give it your all.)

But the two teams that beat the crap out of us were going at it on the other side of us. It was a battle in which the Mean Girls’ team lost a 4-2 lead to have to go into overtime. We watched the overtime and as the other team won, my daughter and I looked at each other and said “well we are just here to have fun.” We also laughed as the Head Mean Girl stormed out, slammed the door and looked very displeased.

From there I was off to meet a couple that I had met via Kasidie. The wife and I have been chatting for a bit on kik and I was excited to meet them. She lived up to my expectations as she was so kind, classy and sexy.

I lyfted to the designated bar and was immediately met with a girl coming out the door saying she didn’t like the crowd and looking for friends to help her mess some of them up. Hello, my alternate universe was still alive and well.

I went in wearing a pretty silk, spaghetti strapped dress and found my hosts. Conversation flowed and we decided to go to their place.

I am going to spare the details but let’s put it this way they restored my trust in the kindness of strangers. We had a great time and they really redeemed what was turning out to be a shitty weekend.

What I learned this weekend was simple, some people are really mean and think the worst of people even if you aren’t doing anything wrong and sometimes you meet amazing people you never would had you not been in the lifestyle. To me, I am choosing to focus on the good!

And as I got kik’d by my friend with super sexy photos from our “fun”, I smiled and hummed “it was a good day…”

– The Girl

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