Got Lingerie?

Last night was a normal Friday night for me, drinks with a friend catching up on family vacations and our plans that evening to have sex with our respective husbands.

After we left, I met another friend at the bar across the street and called the husband to join us. We sat, laughed and drank.

My friends eventually left and the hubs and I just chatted about our days. Now mine have been less exciting lately but today I bypassed my Veronica Mars marathon and went to tackle my overwhelming closet. My bathing suit drawer looks perfectly organized (for now), eBay auctions are going strong and I have started on the overflowing and overwhelming lingerie drawer.

Now for a lady who doesn’t need lingerie in her professional life, I have a shit ton of lingerie. I joked with a friend that had my tumblr blog continued on, I’d have enough to last at least a year for my thousands of followers amusement (and most importantly…mine).

So my husband and I were going over my progress as we sipped our last cocktail and I said something akin to “funny how you don’t even like lingerie” and he then corrected me. Another “au contraire Mon Frère” moment for The Girl.

Once we arrived home, I tried to put on a mint number that required more coordination than my multi-drink night allowed so I switched into a burnt orange lace thong body suit to show that I heard his feedback.

He responded well to my lingerie choice and especially enjoyed it when I unsnapped my crotch to present my bare pussy to him. He promptly fingered me to see my readiness (which didn’t lie) and rewarded me with his mouth on my clit.

I flopped from my back to my knees and gave him quite the view of my pale ass. He inserted his cock without delay and my pussy went into “ride” mode. It was a fast hard rhythm that I love and he clearly enjoyed judging by the spanks on my ass to urge me on.

As he came in me, I knew I had earned a job well done and contentedly slept in my favorite pjs…none.

– The Girl

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