Got D?

I’m gaining strength, trying to learn to pull my own weight 
But I’m gaining pounds at the precipice of too late
Just wait

– Barenaked Ladies

Fuck, I have been on the pity party train as loyal readers may have gathered. Focused on what I don’t have versus what I do.

And it’s easy when you have no job and the severance checks coming to end to get down in the dumps, but I have a lot going for me. And it was time I focused on that.

Mainly friends who know when to swoop down and offer sage advice. Not the “get your head out of your ass” type but more polite and targeted.

Today, I had a friend step in and just say “why don’t you go to the lake and find you again?” And I was like this person gets me, where I need to be and what makes me happy: nudity, sun and water.

So I modified it a bit as I had to make something in the slow cooker and out I went with my continuing education course, music, a cocktail and my boobs to my pool.

I sat there for hours (or at least that’s my story as I had more than one or two cocktails) and read about variable interest entities (yawn) with the sun on my semi-nude body. Taking breaks only to stir the crockpot, refresh my drink and dip in the pool.

I watched my dog, an Italian Greyhound mix, leisurely walked through my pool shelf to lie into the shallow water to cool off and then gleefully roll over our outdoor rug to dry off. No care in the world other than hanging with me under a pool umbrella.

At that moment, I realized what I was missing was focusing on what I had, that sun, the water and those boobs versus the things I cannot control.

I owe that friend a very big thank you and a bottle of Vitamin D…

– The Girl


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