The night started with six simple words on tumblr “So need a good spanking tonight.” Sometimes a girl just has to be simple in her wants and desires and put it out there.

Sometimes I just keep it basic like on Sunday evening after I came home from an afternoon alone. I was so wet and just wanted to fuck.

As soon as I got into bed fully nude, I quickly went to suck my husband’s neatly groomed cock and then proceeded to ride him until he came from me cowgirl style. Me playing with my tits, closing my eyes as I grinded thinking only about him. His mouth, his fingers, his cock.

Tonight was just plain old need to be spanked, feel that swat on the back of the thighs so I can go into that space and just focus on the pleasure through the pain. Reaching out for him in my head.

It started with whacks to my ass with a leather wrapped ruler. Our effort of celebrating “back to school” season. Me only in light blue velvet cage panties to deflect the sting of the ruler, coordinating with the pink that quickly became apparent.

After the ruler, came his bare hand spanking my behind and upper thighs. I felt his fingers check my wetness and then the soft feel of the velvet grazing the warmth of my red thighs as they were pulled down and left around my ankles.

Then came his cock in my wanty pussy as I was splayed face down against the bed. And the ride that I craved…

– The Girl

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