Dare to Bare…

As I sit topless in my pool, I am most grateful for my bikini wax this morning. I am the odd soul who actually enjoys them.

I went bare many years ago and wanted it permanent via laser. I was an ideal candidate with pale skin and brown hair. I did my ten treatments religiously and the results were fantastic. I am 99.9% hair free and smooth to the touch.

I love the cleanliness of being bare and my ability to watch cock thrust in and out of me. But there’s the 0.1% that gets on my every last nerve.

I would trim myself but I will be honest with y’all that I am near sighted in one eye and far sighted in another. Razors, my labia and eyesight issues aren’t your perfect combination.

And yes, I nicked the area above my clit once and exclaimed to a male friend that I had cut my pussy. I really don’t know who was more horrified by the confession.

Then I decided to do the Christina piercing and that added a whole new complication of maintaining that hair free welcome mat. And to make matters worse, when you add a sparkly jewel right above your clit well maintenance is just assumed,

So I started waxing and I am so grateful to have the ladies who check me out to make sure I am hair free and are able to reach my ass without me contorting myself into a pretzel.

But as a closet masochist, what I really like is the process of warm wax and the rip. It’s like a midday treat to only give me more ideas of wax play.

So as I sit here bare to the touch, just know it’s a decision I have never regretted…

– The Girl


  1. I can’t believe there is still that 0.1% ! I’m glad you found a solution in the bikini wax. I personally also think they’re great ^^


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