The Quiet Time…

My husband and I generally don’t sleep in the same bed. I am a very light sleeper and things like losing the covers, the tv, or a sudden shift in position stirs me and then I have trouble falling back asleep.

I yearn for those days as a child where I could sleep through anything.

So last night after my husband had cum in me (and alas on my side of the bedding), I wanted to allow him his relaxation time but remind him not to go to sleep as I had wanted the bed versus the couch. Strangely, I have four outfitted bedrooms and only 4 people in my house and I am always on the living room couch.

I cannot sleep after sex, I don’t know if it’s because I am not wired that way or that I don’t get the hormonal release from an orgasm. I unfortunately rarely cum from vaginal intercourse, it just didn’t get me in the spots I need to get off. I am a clit or ass girl, plain and simple.

So as the lights were turned off and I was still needy, I reached for my trusty vibrator charging by the bed. And she never lets me down.

I applied her to my clit and in seconds, I felt those telltale contractions. I imagined him watching me, the sweat dripping down my leg, seeing my eyes grow wider and roll back in pleasure, my face tensing and releasing, those uttered “oh gods” in quick succession.

This only extended the orgasms as my legs were also now tightening each time I came. Feeling it all the way to my toes, feeling more beautiful as I was in my natural state. Wishing he could see.

I lost count of those orgasms and soon like a girl getting lost in counting her imaginary sheep, I was sleeping like a baby…

– The Girl

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