So a friend of mine asked me “Not a fan of edging?” And I responded simply, “No.”.

His theory is men love to edge as they generally only cum once, but I am grateful to be a card caring member of the multiple orgasm, squirty girl club.

And of course this got me to thinking.

I am a masturbator pure and simple. I have a stable of vibrators. Two personal favorites not just because they are a stunning shade of pink offset with gold but because they never let me down.

They are all I need as I can cum multiple times to that. I may have porn or Murder, She Wrote on it in the background but that’s just noise and not necessary to my pleasure.

If I edge at all, it’s probably during sex as I can usually get close to orgasm but not over the finish line. I think this is due to my love of clit and anal stimulation. I envy my friends who get off on penetration.

I have returned to Tumblr and must say I enjoy that some things haven’t changed. And one of my favorite follows has recently been advising women to cut ties with their “battery operated boyfriends.” This is due to the fact that we are training ourselves to only accept one type of stimulation to get ourselves off.

There may be some value to his theory but men and women over a certain age also know that they have certain rhythms and positions that get them off. And, maybe they aren’t in sync all the time.

So I will share with my husband the treat of watching me finish myself off or better yet have him dildo my g-spot or my ass until my legs are jelly. All this, while his cum oozes out of the orifice he chose to cum in.

And that’s what the only flaw in masturbation, you don’t get the feel of cum dripping out of you.

Will I change my views on edging or masturbation anytime soon? Nah….


      1. Haha. I did pick up on that somehow, as subtle as it is 😉 I too stay fairly frisky, which is also frustrating at my current job. I miss my previous office setup. I had an office to myself more or less and was able to scratch my itch a bit more. Anyhow, keep up the good work!


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