Married Sex….

Yesterday after my hot and heavy fantasies of afternoon sex, I knew I had to get some with the husband.

I was really tired after my study session and napped a bit on the couch as the late afternoon sun caressed me into sleepy bliss. Thoughts continued to meander to reminisce about sex and thoughts of him.

I woke up, refreshed myself with a bubble bath, had dinner and watched a family movie, the original Bring It On.

And then it was time for bed, dressed in an old casual cotton sundress and no panties. The dress barely covers my ass and shows off my recently waxed and very pretty pussy.

Even if sleeping in a cami or nightie, I love refraining from panties so I can welcome cock or easily touch myself.

The husband came in and as he was settling down, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I lifted my leg as I remain on my side and he fuck me from behind. His reply, “what did you say baby?”

And as I repeated myself, I realized that this was the epitome of married sex.

Second time was a charm. I lifted my leg to expose my pussy to him and felt him enter me. Slow stroking motion of his cock in my pussy, me using my hands to massage my clit and bare nipples that were exposed once I lifted my dress up. Me hearing my hair scratch my pillow with each thrust.

We went like that for awhile, quiet and slow fucking from behind. I moved slightly on my back and lifted one ankle behind his ear. Me still massaging my clit and nipples.

The movement got a little faster and then my pillow was pushed off the bed from the more fervent thrusts. This exposed my vibrator that was tucked under my pillow, another telltale sign of the horny as fuck married lady.

From there I pushed my knees onto his chest with my feet pointed outward so I could get the head of his cock on my g-spot. I took over the motion to make it extra fast and deep. Him cumming right as I was there.

We broke apart, him returning to his side of the bed and me lying in his cum that had dribbled out of me…

– The Girl

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