Empty Nest…

So my mother in-law, who I absolutely adore, has been visiting for the past week and my middle aged husband avoids sex like the plague during her brief stays.

My husband returned from taking her to the airport to make us lunch and ask me if I was feeling frisky. To be honest, it was 1:30 and I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet and I was in the tail end of a Love It or List It episode.

Sex actually was the farthest thing on my mind even as I glanced at his very visible hard-on in his shorts.

But during a commercial, I cleaned my teeth and flat ironed my hair and returned to my couch in time to see the family love the house. Since the episode was over and I had clean teeth, that was taken as a sign of agreement that I had placed myself on my husband’s “to do” list.

As he stroked my legs and kissed me, he did admit that he brushed his teeth earlier in the day but it was of course before his lunch that included coffee and onions.

And yes, I did get hint of onion when we kissed. He also played with my nipples through my sundress and felt that I was very wet. But somehow onions went out of my head when he inserted two fingers in my wet pussy and put his tongue on my clit.

So there in broad day light on our couch with the next episode starting, we fucked like two people who haven’t been alone for a good week…

– The Girl

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