Rock Bottom…

So my imposed exile from the work force is coming to an end. I accepted a job offer yesterday at a company I am super excited to join. I also turned one down as I did not want the role.

I learned a ton during my time outside the structure of my job such as who I want to work for and what I really want to do professionally.

I learned how to manage the highs and lows of the job application and interview process and how to project that enthusiasm for opportunities even on the days I really didn’t want to describe a 26 year career in five minutes or less.

I learned to trust my gut again on how to figure out who would be someone I want to support. I am looking for a work home and not necessarily a job and I realized someone has to be worthy of my investment in them, not just the services I provide.

But what I really learned is who were my friends who had my back.

Someone who followed my tumblr blog hit the nail on the head when he said that some people view unemployment as a contagious disease, that just hanging out with you that they may catch it just like a cold.

I admit I wasn’t the most social during this time as I didn’t want to make small talk or explain my “in between jobs” situation. But, some of my closest friends were my biggest advocates.

One referred me to his company, one sat with me after interviews and listened to pros and cons of each opportunity and remind me what was the best fit for me, and another just listened and confided his stories from when he was unemployed.

But at the end what I learned was to no longer fear unemployment as it did not kill me. I learned I was not defined by my job and what was actually worse was the job that I stayed in that was horrible to my health and most valued relationships.

So as I enter my last week at home, I just am grateful for this time as I finally realized my value and that I can graciously smile and make small talk when I ran into the HR lady that walked me out eight weeks prior…

– The Girl

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