Back In The Game…

Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life and a secret life.

– Gabriel Garcia Marquez

So I have enjoyed going back to work with it’s routine and daily drive by my beloved lake. I work with professional people who are nice. I work in a picturesque part of town where there’s places to eat and adult.

But returning to work comes with new challenges such as finding that balance of what to share and what to hold back. Like it may be frowned upon to say “I love my husband but we are in an open marriage and I suspect I am polyamorous. Oh and I run a killer porn blog.”

I can tell these people might frown on some of the things I find completely relaxing like listening to my music at the local naked beach, me in the sun completely nude. This is due to the fact that the guy in the cube next to me responded, “I hear that place is full of freaks” when I mentioned the local NPR station did a history that morning of “the beach.”

So by Friday when they asked what I was doing that evening, I just casually said I was meeting a friend for drinks after getting a facial.

But what they didn’t realize is how much I was looking forward to those drinks.

The friend I was meeting is a lovely lady also in the lifestyle. We met over tequila and bourbon and discussed without shame or care of who heard the lifestyle, open marriages, and “fun” we have had since we last saw each other.

One drink became two and then three and then I was invited to her hot tub. And of course, I didn’t pack a suit but it became apparent that it really wasn’t an issue.

We stripped under the moonlight in her backyard and quickly started kissing in the warm water. Nipples were sucked, not to mention her husband’s cock. We enjoyed the warmth of the water and the outdoors but realized a bed was needed.

As I ate her pussy and sucked her nipples while she sucked her husband’s cock and I was later eaten out, had both of my nipples sucked on by husband and wife simultaneously and was choked with my wet pussy not hiding my enjoyment, I realized I was going to need to edit my “how was your weekend?” response…

– The Girl


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