The Fork In The Road…

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today
To get through this thing called life
– Prince

Today as I sat and had coffee with a seriously beautiful woman and she told me about the status of her divorce and dating life, I realize how most women at a certain stage in life are more similar than we ever let on.

It was eerily similar to a conversation I had at the bar last weekend with a fellow friend in the lifestyle.

I believe that we all want to be valued as partners and to be desired. We want to be able to express our sexuality, free from judgment. And, we want to be pursued as sexual creatures.

This woman is evidently enjoying the attention from new suitors. She is extremely intelligent and savvy and appreciates that men see her as such. She has wanted to be able to express her desires and not get lost in the role of mom/wife. Her way out was divorce.

I too want similar things as her, I simply chose a different path.

I remember when I approached my husband for our open marriage that he came to the conclusion that we shouldn’t throw our marriage away over an orgasm.

I don’t know if I’d call it “just an orgasm” that I am seeking. To me, it’s sex free from the baggage of a 20 year relationship, the thrill of something new, and sharing an experience with someone who likes it like I do. There’s value in all of that to me.

And yes, I fully support my husband seeking that outside of me.

But there’s also value to in the stability and support of the partner you have been with for years. The teamwork, although I seem to get the bad cop role more often than I like. The history and friends you share.

Who knows if the path I have taken is the correct one, but I feel that it’s the road I needed to take so an important piece of me didn’t get lost in the journey…

– The Girl


  1. life is a delicate balancing act . it has to be otherwise there will be no meaning to it ,just a collection of random experiences in the end and frankly nobody wants that don’t you think so?


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