Hotel Alone…

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

– Nina Simone

It’s well documented that I love hotels. I mean what’s not to like: people greeting you at the door like they are happy to see you, fresh linens, and sometimes complimentary happy hours in addition to breakfast.

I am a woman of simple needs and pleasures.

The town I am in is one I did not pick to visit, it was the site of yet another activity of one of my overly scheduled children. I had no desire to come here but I have been pleasantly surprised by how friendly everyone is. I am complimented sincerely by staff and guests alike on my sundresses, my visible tattoo and was even told by a man at the grocery store that I was “looking good.” I seriously could get used to this.

Again I have simple needs and pleasures and an empty hotel room fulfills those. I found myself alone this morning and quickly made use of my newly purchased bubble bath and then my packed vibrator and lube.

Naked on that hotel room floor with my right foot gripping the top of the bed, I was craving cock.

But within a minute of applying that vibrator to my needy, lubed clit as I utilized my porn subscription, I was moaning and feeling the squirting liquid escape from my fulfilled cunt. (And thus the explanation as to why I was on the floor.)

I did not stop at the first gush of liquid but allowed myself orgasm after orgasm while imagining his cock in me. I was a sweaty mess by the time I finished and my imagination alone and that toy carried me to multiple orgasms.

I am still craving cock and sweaty hotel sex but at least my pussy is just wanty now and no longer needy…

– The Girl


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