And I crashed upon your rocks
When I heard your voice singing
And I begged for your love
With my busted ears ringing
My hopeful heart repeating
You are more than the promise of the sea
Then you took your clothes off instead
And you danced around my room
Don’t worry, you said,
‘Cause the end is coming soon
And we’ll meet again someday
And we’ll toss the cursed ruins
Of the bride I’ll never be
And the groom
The Airborne Toxic Event

I will get to the main point of my post, but I am going to digress. I have several “go to” bands and the Airborne Toxic Event happens to be my favorite. It gets me through the mundane, magnifies the silly things that bring me joy and buoyed me through the loneliness of being ignored for many years in my marriage.

But it was that loneliness that allowed a very active imagination to flourish and led me to tumblr to continue you feeding that monster. And in that corner of naughty, I built a mini porn empire.

When tumblr changed its direction, it brought me to a piece of naughty I now own in this website. You can call this my mini American Dream and I actually grateful that I took a negative that made me feel like shit into a sense of empowerment.

But it’s my dirty mind that I treasure. And nowhere was it at it’s worst than at work yesterday.

My boss was telling us about old clients and one was a mid-market “hotel” chain. He casually stated that occupancy rates are an indicator of how successful the operation is and some are more than 100% occupied each day.

He felt the need to explain to me how this could be and I didn’t have the heart to tell him “I am not that innocent.” But I just smiled demurely and listened intently.

That got me to thinking about the hotels I pass each day on my way to work. Are they frequented by people that just want to get away from their ordinary lives for a few hours with a transactional fuck or with a person they meet on occasion to ease that pent up sexual energy?

As I drove by my mind thought of two scenarios, one a bit more classy where the lovers check into together and the front desk staff knows exactly why they are there with their mismatched wedding bands, local IDs and no luggage.

But I like it dirtier in my imagination.

I think of one of them getting the room early, the other deciding if they park next to their lover’s car or a few discrete stalls away. Both anticipating the fuck ahead of them.

One taking the elevator up to the room as they are greeted naked by their partner who can’t wait to show the other how much they anticipated their arrival.

Bodies pressed against a quickly closed door, mouths hungrily finding each other and no doubt left that they are both there for each other.

Clothes stripped off, multiple orgasms in a small room where the only important items are cock, pussy and bed. Then the two dressing with hopes of future meetings.

And I will admit that commute flew by and traffic did not seem to bother me at all…

– The Girl


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