Sunsets and Trysts…

We fell in love on whiskey, fell apart on wine.

– Wade Bowen

Near my favorite “beach” is a bar that bills itself as “the sunset capital of Texas.” So after soaking up too few rays due to the waning days of late Summer, I opted to enjoy some liquid sunshine.

This place is a tourist trap and this made for excellent people watching in my tube top dress sans bra. Maybe it was how I was dressed or the tequila based cocktails that led me to start fantasizing.

Or maybe my mind is always in my little corner of naughty.

I started to imagine that maybe I was of interest to a patron that sat many seats away from me. He had nice eyes, a good smile and a really nice build. We never made eye contact but in my day dream that was of no consequence.

Eventually, he’d move seats and casually ask if I was waiting for the rest of my party. I’d unassumingly tell him no. We’d make small talk, me probably doing the majority of the talking as the Girl is a nervous chatterer (even in her fantasies).

After the second cocktail, maybe he ask if I’d like to take a ride. No clarification would be needed on what type of ride. We’d discretely settle our tabs and meet by the restrooms conveniently located by the exit.

He’d expertly take me for the type of girl that doesn’t mind having my ass grabbed in public and shepherd me to his car. He’d be strong and I’d know he’s in complete control.

We’d drive off without a care in the world, him one hand on the steering wheel and the other adeptly moving my panties to the side and fingering my wet pussy. Me taking his fingers into my mouth as he withdraws his hand.

As we drive looking for that perfect place to park, I’d pull down the top of my dress to expose my tits to him. By now, he’s sure how much I want him.

We’d park and he come to my side of his car to enter me with his hard cock. Him telling me as he’s about to cum. Quickly and quietly getting ourselves off so that nobody monitoring the empty parking lot stops us for trespassing.

He’d drive me back to my car, kiss me one last time and not make false promises of future trysts. The beauty of the anonymous encounter is that you’d live as if this was the only time you will ever meet and are therefore completely living in that moment.

Alas this did not happen to the Girl but the bartender did comment that I had the widest smile he’d seen in ages….

– The Girl

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