The Cover…

I am truly the girl nobody would ever guess. I am best described as plain and unassuming. Sometimes, dense even suits me.

I dress conservatively but in resort wear that’s generally pink and green with some crazy animal in its print. It’s probably how I best express that I am a “little” to polite society.

I have the go to silk blouse and shift dress for work and weekend play, respectively. I keep an inventory of white slip ons that even Zappos must be “what the fuck does she need four pairs for?” when I re-order.

Do I try to show off my long legs and accentuate my breasts? Yes. But when your blouse or dress has flamingoes or llamas or koalas on it, most men are like “pass!”

Do I like how I dress? Yes. I am comfortable being me and I like being the one you don’t notice or expect in a crowd. It makes it easier to know the man that appreciates me from just anyone in the crowd.

But I do have a sexy side.

I like to wear clothes that translate how I feel about me as a sensualist through texture and shape.

I like a velvet or really any type of legging to accentuate my long legs and hug my curves. I want a man or woman to touch my ass or thigh and feel this gives a welcome to do so.

I will wear skirts or short dresses to highlight my legs and give a hint at the top of my stockings. My legs leaner due to my sling backs. But I am just as apt to wear tight jeans for the same reason.

I love a blouse that shows off my shoulder, hints at my large tits and wraps around my neck as I love my neck confined by hands, collar or velvet bow.

I adore a blouse with a bow, it’s my subtle invitation to unwrap me. I love colors that highlight my green eyes and textures that feel good as they brush against my skin.

Open back blouses that frame my back tattoo are also a go to. My husband loves my back tattoo when fucking me from behind and I just think it’s super pretty. It’s a hint that there may be more to this little brunette than is just on the surface.

I love lingerie and the feel of my lace thong and pretty, slightly padded bra that hide my piercings against my skin. I buy lingerie for me, so I feel pretty and confident.

I like to dress for me and the likelihood of getting naked later…

– The Girl

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